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3D Glasses: Red + Blue/Cyan

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Price: Rs.500.00

- Pair of sturdy acrylic 3D anaglyph glasses
- Offers a sense of reality when watching 3D movies or DVDs
- Watch 3D movies on your CRT, LCD or LED screens
- Adopts universal optical filter to achieve 3D effect
- Effective with the red/ blue(cyan) 3D overlay
- Red for left and Blue/ Cyan for right
- Cool wrap-around classic frame styling with acrylic lenses
- Clear and thick acrylic without any distortion
- Long lasting, easy to clean and truly re-useable
- Perfect for movies as below:
- Adventures of Shark Boy, Lava Girl in 3D, Shrek 3D, Spy Kids 3D, Black Friday, The Polar Express etc
- Also see 3D print, magazines, comic books, TV, Anaglyph photos on the internet and publications
- Material: acrylic and plastic
- Color: red & blue(cyan) lens with black frame
- Great for 3D movies and games
- Can be used to view 3D print, magazines, comic books, TV, Anaglyph 3D photos on the internet and publications

Note: Not all 3D movies could be seen by red-blue glasses, few 3D movies may need green-magenta glasses.

Health concern: Take at least 15 minutes break after watching any type of 3D (Anaglyph, Stereotype, Passive or Active) for 1 hour.

- 1 x Red & Blue/Cyan 3D Anaglyph Glasses for 3D Movie

Order 2 or more 3D Glasses and get FREE 3D Movie DVD

Watch the below video with this type of 3D Glasses to experience 3D. Please note that 3D movies look blurred for naked eyes.

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